Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starting up the blog

Rachael has been trying to read Alma & Amber's blog for the past 3 months, and thought she had to have a special password. She told herself to ask Roger for it. I brought up the blog for her and after reading the blog and the comments, she wanted to post a comment of her own, and asked me to help her. Finally, after a whole 3 seconds of expert explaining, she still didn't get it, but managed to tell me that I used my "duh!" voice. (This didn't go over too well with her and I got "the look".)

At any rate we are stumbling through this process, and will be creating our own blog. Which should be an interesting experience. Any comments or advice would be welcomed.


  1. Glad you started a blog! Can't wait to read it!

  2. Um, were you going to tell anyone that you started a blog. And by anyone I mean me???
    Congrats, we look forward to blog-stalking you guys. Don't feel pressured to be funny or super-creative, that will come the more you post. Just post about what you are up to, and pictures are always a good idea. This is exciting.

  3. try the choke! get this thingy goin!!

  4. Where did you guys go? Now that we are a state away, we need to see picutres of you guys. How about you have it be Brett's computer class LOL